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Being an experienced web design company in United States, we at Webdesignvertex Web Coders, offer customized website solutions which are well-designed, highly secure and scalable. We are fearless about taking on challenges! With collaboration at our core, we are ready to work with you to craft winning solutions. We excel at listening, and then acting on your needs, to deliver a successful project outcome.

Making finer details a priority, our work-style is plain, simple and smart.


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We at Web Jeeves provide a highly efficient, effective and technologically transformational experience, which is meant to be user-friendly, fully functional, safe and able to expand with the growth of your organization.

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At Web Jeeves we aim to provide you the best e-commerce website which motivates your visitor to stay and explore the whole site. Our e-comm experts offer a combination of experience and innovativeness. We are ready to take up any new challenge to build or upgrade an existing ecommerce web design, into a responsive, fully functional e-commerce website.

In the end, it’s all about what you need of course! We tend to offer a complete solution for all your e-commerce requirements, and we brainstorm and creatively develop a perfect ecommerce website that can easily be automated to get you the results you are looking for.


Overall Visual Appearance

Your site’s overall look is a crucial component of web design. First impressions are critical, so you want to wow your target audience as soon as the web page loads. That means your design should align with a handful of soothing adjectives: it should be simple, intuitive, and clean. Usage of padding and margins allows to give the elements of your site room to breathe, and grid-based designs to keep design items organized and orderly.
We as experienced professionals, keep each piece of your website place according to the visual hierarchy you want to assign it.

Color Scheme

A website color scheme is the collection of colors that a designer chooses for their website design. Also known as color palettes, color schemes can include as few or as many colors as the designer sees fit. As for choosing a color scheme, paying attention to your brand or industry perspectives — along with your target audience demographics — will make this a somewhat painless process.

Our Web Design Experts, helps in choosing the right website color scheme that can make your website more memorable and profitable.


Almost 90% of the website is made up of Typography. The typography in web designing, helps in maintaining a consistency and making the site look aesthetically pleasing and completely professional. helps in making the content attractive, it also impacts the readability of the website, all accounting for a positive user experience.

We have worked with many clients on revamping their old websites, helping them create typography website designs.

Don’t Forget About Responsiveness

Responsive Web Design is the approach that suggests that website design should enable each site to respond automatically to a user’s behavior and environment—that is, whether that person is using any screen or any device. Long story short, responsive websites aren’t just a nice, hip feature anymore — they’re a necessity.

We, at Web Jeeves develop websites which are high on usability, and can seamlessly migrate from one device to another, making it convenient for navigation, panning, and scrolling.

Static Web

We at Web Jeeves develop Static Websites that are the most basic type of websites. Each page of the static website is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor. The web pages don’t have access to the database are ideal for simple websites.

Open source Web Development

Open source come in handy in developing complex custom websites with responsive layouts. We use this to develop what you, the client, specifically require with extra layers for effective performance and optimal functionality. The structure builds reactive behaviors and bootstrap’s styles.

Ecommerce Web

Our experts specialize in the development of e-commerce websites. We have experts in Open Source, Saas and Caas e-commerce platforms including platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and OpenCart among many others.

Enterprise Web

We understand the needs of enterprises and shape our web solutions to create fully customized, secure websites that perform well, address customer pain points and drive results. Our unique web solutions help enterprises streamline processes and facilitate growth which helps them to achieve their goals and vision effectively.

Mobile-friendly Design

Did you know that more than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and more than 60% of visitors are more likely to purchase from mobile responsive sites? That means making your e-store website mobile-friendly can increase both the traffic and conversions on your website! To make your site mobile-friendly, use responsive web design — it’s best practice for ecommerce web design.

Swift and Reliable Payment Solutions

Another important feature ecommerce website should have is adequate security. Secure payments for customers are a crucial factor for increasing your e-store's credibility and trust. If consumers don’t trust your website, they likely won’t buy from it. Our payment methods provide secure payment gateways for your customers to make transactions while keeping their financial details confidential and safe from fraudulent activities at the same time.

High-quality Photos and Videos

Visual content gets customer' attention, keeps them involved, and helps them make purchase decisions. Using high-resolution photos and videos on your website makes it look professional and improves user experience. According to facts and figures, product videos make shoppers 85% more likely to purchase a product, which makes video one of our top key features of an e-store.

Product Ratings and Feedbacks

Do you read online reviews before you make a purchase decision? So do 90% of consumers. And, 70% plus users won’t make a purchase until they’ve read reviews, making ratings and feedbacks one of the top e-store site essentials. To get reviews, build review functionality into your site and encourage customers to leave reviews on other platforms like Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, and etc.

Prominent Shopping Cart & Checkout

Easy-to-use cart and checkout features are also essential ecommerce sites features. To have more conversions, make sure your ‘add to cart’ and ‘check out’ buttons display prominently on your site. When the visitor clicks into their cart, show them all the relevant details, such as the name, price, and quantity of each product in their cart.

Convenient Inventory Management

Managing your product inventory is just as important as making the product easily accessible to your customers. By offering organized and flexible inventory management tools for storing, ordering and managing your inventory, we ensure that there are no technical hurdles in your brand’s growth

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credibility based on their website


of B2B Customers
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of a website users
first impressions are
design related

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  • UI/UX, Conceptualization and
    Project Management

  • UI/UX, Conceptualization and
    Project Management

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